This router table is huge! The router table insert can be set up or stored in seconds without having to remove the router. Just slide it out (see above), drop it into the well and clamp it to the top. The slotted top allows the fence and featherboards to be clamped with ease. The router is plugged into a convenient power switch below (Fig. B).

Accurate glue ups are guaranteed on this dead-flat surface. Say goodbye to twisted assemblies. A self-storing drip shield keeps your tool stand clean.

A rock-solid outfeed support that sets up in minutes is like having a second set of hands at the tablesaw. Heavy-duty casters and levelers can handle uneven shop floors and make this tool stand mobile and stable.
Slots in the top allow you to clamp anything, anywhere on this table. Machining has never been easier. Here the clamps hold straightedge guides and the piece being machined for cutting multiple dadoes.

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