by Dave Munkittrick

An easy-to-use 
space saver
with more 
functions than a 
Swiss army knife.

For those of us who share shop space with a car or a washer and dryer, elbowroom is always a problem. This tool stand is the answer. A 2 ft. by 6-ft. section of floor space is all you need to store it. When you're ready to work, just roll it out, lock it down (these casters won't budge) and plug it in. It not only stores three benchtop power tools, it provides a working platform that actually improves their performance. In seconds you can shift from a chop saw station to a huge router table and then to a portable planer stand with infeed and outfeed support. 
A dead-flat torsion box is the foundation of this tool stand. This torsion box is a sandwich made from two skins of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and a grid core (Fig. A). It offers incredible strength and resistance to sagging. It simply won't twist out of shape no matter how uneven your shop floor is.

Downdraft Sanding Table

Glue Up Table

Chop Saw Stand

Huge Router Table

Portable Planer Stand

T-Slot Clamping System

Outfeed Table

Ultimate Tool Stand - Exploded View & Electrical Connections
Building the Ultimate Tool Stand
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