The chop saw stand handles long stock with ease. A portable chop saw begs for additional bed support and fence extensions. The ultimate tool stand does both, and set-up is as simple as ABC.
A. Pull the saw from its compartment and set it in the well.

B. Align the front edge of the base with the front edge of the tool stand and secure with T-knobs. C. Butt the fences up against the stop blocks and secure with clamps.

Elapsed time: 55 seconds!

Planing large stock is a breeze with this setup. Perfectly flat infeed and outfeed support dramatically reduces sniping. The plywood base is secured to the table with clamps. Note: Height of the support blocks may be altered to suit your machine. An optional pullout shelf makes for easy-access storage.

The downdraft table insert captures fugitive dust and keeps your shop and your lungs clean. Flip it over and you have a continuous top with slotted channels for machining and gluing. Cut sheet stock down to size over the open well. No more wrestling with large stock on the tablesaw or trying to cut it down on a pair of wobbly sawhorses.

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