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shop: taper sled

For an upcoming project, I need to taper some very short legs. I remembered seeing this sled in ShopNotes, so I dug up the plans and got to work. It is also great for ripping rough boards (short boards, anyway). Lately I've used it for cutting very small parts. Here it is being used to taper a handle for a new carving mallet:

One if the features of this sled is that it does not require adjustment after the first (or subsequent) cuts.  The end block/stop has a pin that registers in the center of the tapered end. The opposite end is clamped against a stop-block (not shown here).  Simply rotate the piece and re-clamp after each cut - no adjustment is required (it does not matter if you taper adjacent sides, opposite sides or all sides).

It was quite easy to build...only the hold-downs gave me trouble because I don't have a bandsaw.

get the plans from: