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Saturday July 19th, 2003

I've made quite a bit of progress in my storage plans for the shop over the past week. My plans worked out pretty well - here are some pictures of the results:

Here's the space I had available.  It's approximately 6.5x9' in size.  The rafters are about 8' up, but as you can see, there are many obstructions hanging down.

I started on the right side.  Working around the electrical box, I built a swing-out "sleeve" for storing sheet stock up to 4x8'. Above it I added a few shelves for board stock up to 60".  Behind the swing-out unit, I utilize the space betwen the studs for smaller sheet stock - 2x4' and smaller.  I used 2x6s for the studs to increase the space available there.

I was feeling pretty good after finishing the above racks, but I still have a lot of lumber to I started on the left wall. I re-used most of the parts from the racks that came as part of my last lumber purchase and turned it into the rack below.  The second picture shows it with almost 200bf of wood in it...I've got a LOT of space left!  I think that rack will hold at least 600bf...maybe more.

After this, I still have a lot of wood left to store.  There are at least 20 large oak panels left.  Since there was a little unused space at the end of the storeroom, I grabbed some leftover 2x4 and started cutting. I ended up with enough space for all the panels and the swing-out plywood rack still swings out all the way! For reference, the panels in the picture below range from 40 to 80" high and 24 to 36" deep.