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sawdust: projects
Coffee Table in Pakauk, Cherry and Glass
23 March 2013

I actually finished this coffee table last summer, but am just now finding time to get it posted here :o

Craftsman Mirror Frame
3 January 2009

I whipped this mirror up in a few hours to fill an empty space in our mudroom.
craftsman mirror frame

Walnut Barrister Bookcases
3 January 2009

This bookcase has been a long time coming:
walnut barrister bookcase

Craftsman Coffee Table
31 July 2005

I can't believe how easily this coffee table came together.

Nantucket Bench
10 July 2005

Can't believe how long it's been since my last project...but this bench went quick:

Barrister Bookcase
October 1st, 2003

It started as practice, but this bookcase turned out to be my best project, yet.

Spice Rack
Sunday, July 26th, 2003

It took some effort, but I managed to match the color of our 25-year-old cabinets perfectly.

Picture Frames
Thursday, June 26th, 2003

Finished these a few months ago...finally got the pictures scanned:

recent projects
Sunday, March 17th, 2003

Here are pictures of some of my projects. They're also listed in the 'topics' section at the left.
click to enlarge

click to see the oak chest in more detail