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Barrister Bookcases
1 October 2003

This project started as an exercise. I have planned to build a 4-door version of this in walnut. Since I obtained a large load of oak very cheap, I decided that I should practice on the cheap stuff before starting on the walnut. As it proceeded, I decided to finish and keep it. For it's first use, I'll be storing CDs in it, so I added a shelf in each case (removable). The unit is actually 4 separate pieces - the base, two cases and the top.

The plans are from Woodsmith #134.

The cases are made from red oak with a shellac finish.  To darken the color, I tanned the cases in the sun for 2 days prior to sealing. This is my first big project finished with shellac -- it's a joy to work with. I also tried inlay work for the first time - the two diamonds on the top are inlayed walnut.

There is one thing I wish I had done better - the side panels (especially the right side) have a lot of variation in color. These were recycled panels (rejects from a factory)...I should have dug deeper in the pile to find a better matched panel.