1991 Honda VFR 750

  • paint: Indigo Blue (Ford #5110) and satin black lowers - beside the visual effect, the black lowers are easier to maintian
  • wheels and calipers: powder coated black
  • decals: The original decal design was reproduced in black by Tapeworks
  • headlights: original bulbs replaced with blue tint bulbs - these are normal power bulbs, not brighter ones (in fact, because of the tint, they're probably slightly dimmer). They were selected under the belief that if cage drivers see something out of the ordinary, maybe they'll pay attention and I'll live longer
  • taillights: The turn signals have been integrated into the tailsection using the existing (red) lenses and bulb sockets from salvaged VFR brake lights. The outer rear lights now function as running lights, brake lights and turn signals.
  • license plate light: The bottom of the brake light section was replaced with clear lexan to light the licence plate, eliminating the need for the stock abomination
  • windshield: Givi - raises the airflow by 4-5 inches (not pictured)
  • brake lines: stainless steel kit by Galfer, lines by Goodrich.
  • air filter: UNI Filter
  • clock: VDO clock kit by California Designs (David Matthews) - it's always nice to know how late I am
  • exhaust: Yoshimura - selected by the PO, but I do like the sound - a nice low rumble, but not loud (can't hear it on the freeway without earplugs).
  • exhaust pipes wrapped to the collector by Themotec - helped the 'leg-burn' problem considerably
  • footpegs - salvaged 900RR pegs milled to fit in the VFR mounts - the rubber pads reduce vibration transmitted to your feet