Facade remodeling

the latest pic:
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final step: replaced the sidewalks with stone and brick (and landscaping, of course) (click to enlarge)

The blow-by-blow report: (in reverse order)

click to enlarge siding is installed and painted
interior is finished (finally)
click to enlarge siding is all installed
click to enlarge siding half done
click to enlarge beginning the siding installation
(click to enlarge) tar paper installation complete
(click to enlarge) started installing the vapor-barrier (tar paper)
(click to enlarge) installed the outlet and light boxes (hard to see in this picture)
(click to enlarge) wallboard is in place...the siding will go over it
the door is finished (the only part I get credit for!)
(click to enlarge) framing above the windows is completed
(click to enlarge) Wow!...the new door and windows installed all in one day
(click to enlarge) both window aprons are complete
(click to enlarge) new headers in place (above windows)
the left window apron is in place
(click to enlarge) wide open: preparing the opening for the new windows
(click to enlarge) ripped out a wall!
(click to enlarge) removed the brick
(click to enlarge) setup the other scaffold
removed woodwork around windows (interior)
*note the ugly old door
(click to enlarge) the first day:
setup a scaffolds and remove the shutters

It's really amazing the difference shutters can make:
(the shutters came from the old windows on the front of the house...the top window will get a pair as soon as I get brave enough to climb to the top of my 28-foot ladder!)

before after
(click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)